Hamilton HC SICK OF SHIT Fuck You Volume One 7″ AVAILABLE NOW

SICK OF SHIT: Fuck You Volume One 7”

SICK OF SHIT is a crusty hardcore band from Hamilton’s active punk scene, that draws influences from global punk and hardcore creating a furious concoction of hooks amidst ear crushing noise. Put it all together and the result is an uncompromising and frothy mix of high speed tempos, biting guitar tones, pounding bass, pummelling drums and throat shredding vocals. The group consists of Adam Wood on vocals, Andrew Jonson on drums, Grant Coates and Nate Overholster on guitars and newest addition Keith Sherwin on bass. SICK OF SHIT features alumni from Hamilton punk and hardcore bands such as Gunner Hansen, At What Cost, System System, Come Out Swinging, Dismantle and more. Artwork by Darrin Crosgrove is risograph printed on Mohawk Via Vellum paper by Tower In Print. Limited edition version pressedon white wax with bonus art booklet still available.

Track Listing
Side A: State Of Grace, Life In Debt
Side B: Success, Parasites

Giv’er a listen by clicking’ HERE

Released by Schizophrenic Records January, 2017 at Doors Pub in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (poster by Lindsay Campbell).

FLESH RAG “Stay Away” EP Available Now!

FLESH RAG is a garage punk rock ‘n’ roll suicide psych band and their latest release ‘Stay Away’ launched Friday, June 10, 2016. The gritty live video for the title track premiered July 13 and you can check it on out over at AUX.
The three songs on this 7″ EP are about bad times, bad feelings, problems and head on collisions with everything terrible!
Hailing from the Hammer, this killer threesome is made up of Matt Ellis (ex-ROCKET REDUCERS, MYSTICS) guitar and vocals + Eric Felgner (ex-THE VAPIDS, THE ORPHANS) bass + Nathan Burger (TV FREAKS, ex-ROCKET REDUCERS) drums.
‘Stay Away’ was recorded and mixed by the band in two days over the winter of 2015, & mastered by Kenny Meehan packaged in album art by T.J. Charlton (TV FREAKS)
The limited edition of this 7″ EP comes on sweet red vinyl, wrapped up in alternate colour cover packaging.
Track Listing –
Side A: Stay Away
Side B: Tonight, Watch it Burn
Give these tracks an e-spin at the FLESH RAG bandcamp page.
Read up on this 7″ over at Some Weird Sin Records.


BORN WRONG 12″ LP Available Friday, April 29!

Schizophrenic Records is set to debut the full length LP from BORN WRONG, frenetic punk HC road crew out of Hamilton Ontario on April 29, 2016. Visit Exclaim! for a preview.

BORNWRONGLPCOVERsmRecorded in May of 2015 the LP includes 11 tracks that mirror the tone and velocity of the previous “Art District” EP but with an even more stripped down, unhinged, and unapologetic disposition. While the driving, tone-heavy riffs are coupled with a relentless back line bringing to mind the character of Poison IdeaCursed, and more contemporary acts like The Impalers, there remains a disoriented and somewhat manic composition to the song structures that connects the band to the likes of Amdi Petersens Armi or Regulations. This pressing includes 300 total records with 3 alternate vinyl colours for each 100 records and the front cover, back cover, obi, and 20″X16” poster hand in each copy was screen printed by the band. A limited edition includes their original 10” record with one side screen printed. This is the 4th release by the band on Schizophrenic Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Nailed
  2. Fear
  3. Vanguard Cycle
  4. Born Wrong
  5. Highway of Heroes
  6. New Human
  7. Barton Street Screws
  8. Bread Winner
  9. Pissing Blood
  10. Disposable
  11. How Will I Survive

Debut 7″ From Hamilton Art/Post-Punk Disaster Trio GET OFF THE COP Out Now!

GET OFF THE COP Debut 7” (Schizophrenic Records #88) Available April 1, 2016

 Get off the Cop - Lipstick TimSM

Get of the Cop is a typical Hamilton art-punk/Post-punk disaster 3 piece. Their vinyl debut includes sharp, dark, obtuse, violent pop excursions about cross-dressing, incest and police battery. This 7” serves up explosive and aggressive songs that are cut to the bone, and then stripped to the marrow. Get Off The Cop features members of Lizzy BoredomThe Kettle Black, and NoShoes&OneSock. This 7” is limited to 500 copies and is packaged in a killer screen-printed sleeve. Shout out to AUX for premiering these tracks which you can check out on the GOTC bandcamp page.

Get Off The Cop launched this 7” with shows in London, Ontario on Friday, April 1 8:30PM and on Saturday, April 2 9PM in their hometown of Hamilton at the appropriately named Homegrown Hamilton.

Track Listing:

Side A: Lipstick Tim, Beef Babe

Side B: Golden Hair / Making Love

TV FREAKS New 7” Available March 11 + Eastern Canada Tour Dates

On the tail of their third LP Bad Luck Charms, the latest buzzsaw guitar-rock barrage from TV FREAKS delivers two new essential cuts on March 11, 2016, “D.Y.O.T./The Pits”. Following a clutch of releases they’ve come home to Hamilton, ON’s long-running Schizophrenic Records. Recorded to eight-track in a single night, this two-song 7” reveals the band painting their typical wide-reaching emotional palette, or lackthereof. “D.Y.O.T.” is an epic mid-tempo jam, pulling sonic cues from anything and everything without compromise, seemingly less concerned with “punk” as a sound while still inevitably being just that. The flip side on the other hand is that, a frothing-at-the-mouth garage-punk burner “The Pits” more in line with something off the Rip Off Records catalogue of past. One of Canada’s best punk bands show off their range while continuing, as always, to do their own thing. Limited to 500 copies, all housed in a beautifully screen-printed die-cut sleeve. For an exclusive listen visit Exclaim! & scroll down for tour dates.











TV FREAKS 2016 Eastern Canada Tour Dates:

March 4: Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge

March 12: Hamilton, ON @ Doors Pub

March 18: Toronto, ON @ The Monarch

March 19: Montreal, QC @ Brasserie Beaubien

March 22: Halifax, NS @ Plan B

March 23: Fredericton, NB @ ReNeu

March 24: Saint John, NB @ TBA

March 25: Sackville, NB @ Thunder & Lightning

March 26: Moncton, NB @ Esquire Tavern

SNAKE CHARMER Drugs And The State EP Out Saturday, January 30

Drugs And The State 7” EP
Schizophrenic Records #86
Powerviolent HC outfit SNAKE CHARMER awaken from hibernation in the coldest, darkest month in Hamilton’s post industrial wastelandscape to assault your eardrums with blasts of noise, energy, and speed. Fittingly enough SNAKE CHARMER’s Drugs And The State EP is 86 in the Schizophrenic Records catalogue and it’s a killer. This comes packaged in deadly cover art by Becky Katz. Crank the volume & click HERE for a preview that might just eighty six your speakers. You can grab copies this weekend at Hamilton’s 2016 MAKES ME SICK FEST on Saturday, January 30 at Doors Taco Joint & Metal Bar.























Powder Burns
I’m Not Responsible, You’re Not Responsible
:: fuck you gesture with middle finger::
Boots & Hearts
Shao Xing
Peat Moss
High Times On the Khyber Pass

“In 1913, Luigi Russolo wrote The Art of Noises, describing how the human ear has become accustomed to the speed, energy, and noise of the urban industrial soundscape. What could better describe a band that has been charging the hardcore scene in Canada’s steel capital headfirst into an abysmal whirlpool of noisecore fuckification and tinnitus? This isn’t about steel though, this is about hardcore, and there is no existing vocabulary to describe cores harder than this one. Remember around 2009-2010 when “not-powerviolence” was almost sort of a loose genre referring to bands that were too “hard” for “hardcore”? On Drugs and the State, SNAKE CHARMER has almost taken that level of extremity to the borders of “not-death metal”. Have you ever listened to The Gerogerigegege? Have you ever wanted to watch a condo get demolished with a wrecking ball? Stop reading this. Turn the noise back on.” – Alican Koc
“Is that actually music!?” – My Mom hearing this EP via phone speakers
“Thanks guys this autoplayed and blew out the speakers on my phone.” – Random internet comment on an early SNAKE CHARMER YouTube video from a fan

COMING SOON From Schizophrenic Records

Hey kids in better late than never news we wanna fill you in on some titles in the works at HQ. Our retail shop Hammer City Records continues to expose us to all the finest bands from our home in Hamilton so locals will recognize some of the bands we’ve got vinyl releases planned with, the rest of you should expect be impressed if they’re not on your radar.

At some point in 2016 expect to see releases from:

SNAKE CHARMER Drugs & The State 7″





SNAKE CHARMER Drugs & The State EP will be unleashed this weekend at the 2016 MAKES ME SICK fest in Hamilton so expect full details later today.

Debut 7″ From Hamilton’s TONGUE FU Launches This Saturday May 23 at This Ain’t Hollywood

Thanks to I Heart Hamilton for sharing the news about the new TONGUE FU 7″ that’s launching this weekend at This Ain’t Hollywood!

TONGUE FU is a no-nonsense Rock N Roll band, that learned a lot from reading Creem and Rock Scene magazines and also has it’s roots in classic punk. This six-pack features Dave Elley, Gord Lewis, Gene Champagne, Rob Sweeney, Greg Brisco, Lou Molinaro who have many roles establishing the local music scene well beyond the band and even the storied Hamilton street James North itself.

Track Listing: Side A – JAMES STREET NORTH Side B- TONGUE FU

For more about the band visit their facebook page.

For more about the HMA Showcase/7″ Launch RSVP via facebook

To order a copy online visit Schizophrenic’s Big Cartel shop.

BORN WRONG & SIMPLY SAUCER Nominated for 2015 Hamilton Music Awards

Schizophrenic Record releases BORN WRONG Art District EP & SIMPLY SAUCER Baby Nova EP both picked up nominations for Punk Recording of the year at this weekend’s Hamilton Music Awards. Best of luck to both bands!


Catch SIMPLY SAUCER at The Spice Factory in Hamilton as they play an awards showcase this Friday night. See posters & details below.


Simply Saucer (12:00am – 1:00am)
Bob Bryden (11:00pm – 11:45pm)
The Responsibles (10:00pm-10:45pm)
Among Millions (9:00pm-9:45pm)
$10 cover / or free with a festival wristband
The Spice Factory
121 Hughson Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

BORN WRONG Art District 7″ & US Tour Details

BW Art DistrictWeb

As premiered by AUX Hamilton, Ontario’s BORN WRONG return with their most raw and driving 7″ to date, unleashing four dynamic punk/HC tracks that truly capture their unhinged live assault. Expect the same cohesive, slightly deformed, song structures with even more chaotic vocals. Pounding piss-blood drums and tone heavy guitars. The band returns to the East Coast US again this summer, and the August 2014 issue of Maximumrocknroll will feature their 2013 tour diary. Each Art District 7″ comes packaged in a hand silk screened obi, and the limited edition is on clear wax and comes with an fold out silk screened poster. This will be available for Euro distro via Scull Crasher Records in Greece.

Tracks: Two Faces, Art District, Catholic Stare, Reaching For Nothing

There are to Canadian 7″ launch shows:
Sunday, July 20 Toronto SHIBGBS
Saturday, July 26 Hamilton Doors Pub


US Tour Dates:
8/14/2014 Cleveland,OH
8/15/2014 Columbus, OH
8/16/2014 Chicago, IL
8/17/2014 Milwaukee, WI
8/19/2014 Cincinnati, OH
8/20/2014 Lexington, KY
8/21/2014 Nashville, TN
8/22/2014 Atlanta, GA
8/23/2014 Raleigh, NC
8/24/2014 Richmond, VA
8/26/2014 Baltimore, MD
8/27/2014 Wilmington, DE
8/28/2014 Philadelphia, PA
8/29/2014 New Brunswick, NJ
8/30/2014 Boston, MA
8/31/2014 Brooklyn, NY
9/1/2014 Albany, NY
9/2/2014 Buffalo, NY

Pre order the 7″ here and click here for more info.