LEGION 666 Kiss The Goat CD

All hail Toronto’s LEGION 666!!! The band provides a soundtrack for your black mass with this CD release of metallic crust-laden punk. $13 PPD Worldwide via paypal or money order.

Suburban Voice Review: Something tells me there’s a bit of satiric intent here, with the goat’s head on the cover and the dark ambiance, but LEGION 666 provide a pummelling that’s better than any satanic death metal claptrap to come down the highway to hell, lately. Even with band members taking such names as Nunviolator (any relation to Destruction’s Grave Violator?) and The Infernal Blaspherion. The lyrics are somewhat oblique, but there’s some criticism of lives lost to tedium and the pitfalls of mindless consumption, to name a few subjects. Muscically, LEGION666 hit with a speed metal meets hardcore attack. No wanky lead work, but coming across more like “Morbid Tales”-era CELTIC FROST crossed with Swedish hardcore or EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Hot and fast thrash with heavier passages. A wall of guitar thunder, scampering drums and mighty pissed-sounding vocals. All the burn you need, without the flames of hell licking at your heels.

Am I Mean? Review: Another band that popped up out of the blue and managed to usurp a place among my all time faves at once are LEGION DCLXVI or LEGION 666 for those that have problems with the old Roman’s way of spelling numbers. I’m still thankful to Chris Crustcracker for bringing this band to my attention! this is their KISS THE GOAT CD released by SCHIZOPHRENIC RECORDS in 2001. It’s an older (CD-only-) release which is limited to 1000 copies, has nice artwork, really thoughtful lyrics and comes with a nice mini-poster. Not as good as their last BLACK GOAT ARMAGEDDON full-length but still great. On their last 12″ LEGION DCLXVI manage to melt PUNK, HARDCORE, CRUST, THRASHMETAL and old BLACK METAL (think VENOM not IDIOT & AND THE WANNABE NAZIS!) perfectly into an ass-kicking, unique sound. Here they are quite successful already, making up some ground with a MOB 47 cover, but far from the perfection they got now! They also were the 1st HARDCORE band that used satanic images, etc. and made it to something like their identity! As a matter of fact they pushed the Satanism thing in images, lyrics, etc. to another level in the “scene” which I think is great and highly appreciated as far as I’m concerned! so my advise would be to get both records if you’ve the chance!