THE FREEZE – Rabid Reaction LP

Hey fuckaroo’s. Yup you read right – this bastard of an LP is available at a store/distro near you. If you’re a rabid record collector take note that there are two versions of this LP. The regular edition contains red/green split vinyl and the color poster you see above with some damn fine liner notes by Mr. Hanger on the flipside. For those who suffer from vinylsyphilitis there is a mailorder edition limited to 200 copies. In addition to the fine poster mentioned above you get green vinyl with red haze and an additional 8.5 x11 cardstock advertisement signed by Mr. Clif Hanger and Lou Cataldo. Records are $16 US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $16.75 (US/Can) or $24 US (overseas) to