DISCO ASSAULT Saturday Night Bleeder EP – Awesomely angry & snotty hardcore from Wind Sore/Motor City. Mailorders come with screened pocket sleeve in addition to the regular sleeve.

BROKEN NEEDLE 7″ – In a follow up to their debut 12″ EP on Lengua Armada, this release expands upon the style of hardcore punk they established on their demo. Southern California 80’s-sounding hardcore is what they play, reminiscent of bands like Uniform Choice, Circle Jerks, and Black Flag, – without being a rip off of any of those mentioned. This latest recording has a more raw sound than their 12″, it truly captures the energy of the band’s live performance but maintains a clear sonic barrage. 5 well balanced songs in a variety of tempos that maintains your attention. Cover art photography by 80’s Southern Californian documentarian Edward Colver. Their best record to date. If that ain’t enough hit us up for the mailorder edition – you get a double sided 7×7 silkscreened mini poster hand screened by our screen printing saviour Schiz crew member Adam. Mailorders receive color vinyl the regular pocket sleeve, lyric insert and the double sided mini poster

DEATHCAGE Chaos Night Rider 7″ -This follow up EP from Aussie Japacore bastards dishes out 5 songs of burly Japanese influenced hardcore, shredding solos and throat splitting vocals. Think DEATHSIDE thrashing kangaroos in the blazing Aussie outback. More deadly than Martin Byrant! 600 pressed 500 black, 100 blue. Mailorder receive blue vinyl with an additional screenprinted sleeve

$7.00 in Canada and the US (in the respective funds) and $10 USD for international orders. Paypal orders please send $7.50 (US/Can) or $10.50 US (Overseas) to jimjones@schizophrenicrex.com