THE YOUNG LIONS From The Vault & SONS OF ISHMAEL Hayseed Hardcore Reissues

THE YOUNG LIONS From The Vaults LP+7″ – Fans of early Canadian punk and hardcore rejoice! Unreleased and lost gems are brought together on a beauty piece of wax, well two actually. For those of you not aware this influential Toronto band rocked the early 80s scene with their street punk influenced socially aware hardcore music. Imagine if the Canadian SUBHUMANS and THE CLASH fucked in the skanky bathroom of the Edgewater Hotel in 1980. If you don’t remember the band or know of their legacy, you may have grown up watching SCTV and know who the Queenhaters are from an episode of ‘Mel’s Rock Pile’. Guess who wrote the music for ‘I Hate The Bloody Queen’? That’s right TYL did!

Along with the LP & 7″, you also get 12×24 colour insert. Limited Die Hard edition is going fast it includes colour vinyl, zine with interview, screened poster, alternate cover and die cut sticker hand numbered with an obi. There are only a few of these left so please contact us if you’d like one!

The regular editions are $21 US/Canada and $28 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $22 (US/Can) or $30 US (Overseas) to

From Razorcake Magazine:
A historic piece of punk rock history out of Toronto, Canada for those who were not in the know. Archiving material from 1982-1984, this band probably only hit people’s radar off their track on BYO’s Something to Believe in. I also vaguely remember their name on the TO Hardcore 83 cassette comp and that validated off their liner notes that I’d longed to have a copy of again, in one form or another. The Young Lions’ punk sound is hard to replicate. It reminds me a lot of their Canadian comrades, the Subhumans. What might be classified as street punk today, I hear it as one of those forefather bands that have that genuine raw punk energy with melody and grit. A true treat and I am one who is grateful to have this see the light of day. Any release from Schizophrenic, you should order direct. You always get something special, either in packaging or special colored vinyl. –Donofthedead

From the Montreal Mirror:
In keeping with early T.O. hardcore re-releases, a real gem comes from the folks at Schizophrenic Records, who have collected most of the Young Lions demos and put them out as what is probably the best package I’ve ever seen, 1982-84: From the Vaults. Collectors are gonna go gaga over the limited pressing of 100 that includes marbled vinyl, a two-page insert, a silkscreened cover and card, stickers, a bonus seven-inch single and (gasp!) a Young Lions fanzine. Amazing packaging aside, this record goes beyond mere nostalgia with incredible songs like “Rich Kid,” “Shithole,” “United” and “Pray for Julie” that easily stand the test of time.

Listening to this two decades and change later, it seems a miracle that a band this fucking good would languish in obscurity for so long. Much thanks to the folks at Schizophrenic for this obvious labour of love. – JOHNSON CUMMINS

SONS OF ISHMAEL Hayseed Hardcore 12” Schiz 52 – Their Hayseed Hardcore 7” was immortalized in Pushead’s top 100 hardcore releases of the 80’s. Tucked away at #76 safely wedged between MASS APPEAL and RATTUS, SONS OF ISHMAEL were often compared to early D.R.I. with a rabid mix of early LARM and WRETCHED. Yes, that is a lot of power and speed thrown onto a 7” platter. Schizophrenic Records is proud to release the Hayseed Hardcore 12” which includes the full 7” as well as several compilation recordings by the original Meaford, Ontario lineup. 25 years later this record remains full of energy, drive and small town teenage angst. The release includes a band biography and insert containing original artwork and lyrics. Limited to 800 copies.

These LPS are $16 US US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $16.75 (US/Can) or $24 US (Overseas) to

What’s that you ask? Of course there’s a limited edition release! This features a 5-colour screen alternate cover, a sticker and SOI trading cards! $18 US/Canada and $25 USD overseas.


MUDLARK LP + 7″ – Yes you read that right, an LP of noise damaging EASTVANSLUDGEVIOLENCE wasn’t enough so we topped it off with another 7″ of crazed ass blasting distortion. If ya didn’t catch these guys on their recent tour here’s your chance to bring the noise home. Once again we have a kick ass package for our buddies on the internet – colour vinyl and another kick ass screened cover featuring top notch graphic design from Darrin Crosgrove. For fans of extreme music!! What are you waiting for? Records are $21 US/Canada and $28 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $22 (US/Can) or $30 US (Overseas) to