Raging early HC from a currently raging TO band. Mailorder copies are special, they come with an extra cover and on yummy coloured vinyl. $7 in Canada and the US (in the respective funds) and $10 USD for international orders. Paypal orders please send $7.00 (US/Can) or $10.50 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com.

There’s also a version only available in store at Hammer City Records with an exclusive cover (on top of the regular and mailorder covers) so drop in to pick up!


FRATRICIDE 12″ Schizophrenic is thrilled to release this molten slab of crossover hardcore. Originally planned as a split LP with Neuroot; Pushead deemed it unsafe to release this killer piece of vinyl to the public. Only a few folks with special Pushead clearance were provided with a test press. After many years the Fratricide side of the LP has FINALLY been released. Our in house artists have been busy in the slave pit. Darrin has once again come up with some truely killer art work for both the LP cover and the limited edition screen. Our printer Adam has forgone precious sleep in order to provide you folks with a die hard to remember a 12×12 screened alternate cover, killer sticker and if that ain’t enough a booklet of silkscreened flyers and molten hot red vinyl. holy fuck!!!. Limited editions are $18 US/Canada and $25 by air overseas. The still smoking hot regular edition are $16 US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $16.75 (US/Can) or $24 US (overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com

THE UNRULED Butchers of Warfare LP & CD

Awesome 80s d-beat infused HC from Montreal’s legendary UNRULED, reformed with Chany and Sam from Inepsy. It totally rips and is available on vinyl and CD. UNRULED LPs are $16 US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $16.75 (US/Can) or $24 US (overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com. CDs contain 3 original tracks are $13 PPD worldwide. We have an awesome die hard edition on coloured vinyl that comes with a great silkscreened booklet, a backpatch, sticker and button but it’s so freakin expensive to ship via Canada Post we need you to email for a quote: jimjones@schizophrenicrex.com

RAMMER Silkscreened 12″

RAMMER 12” Schiz 39 – The stench of death rises from the corpse of RAMMER!! Schizophrenic Records is proud to unleash this three song 12″ of unreleased RAMMER material. Recorded in the final days of the band, this EP features the tunes “Otherworldly Resurrection”, a bone breaking cover of “Leatherface” by LAAZ ROCKIT, and a re recorded version of the song “Rust And Paranoia” done live in the studio.The songs come entombed on a special one sided 12″ silk screened with original artwork on the flipside. Metal fans beware. The first and only press of this long in the works chunk of wax is limited to 500 copies.

These LPS are $16 US US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $16.75 (US/Can) or $24 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com
If this chunk of RAMMER’s rotting corpse isn’t enough for you, get a preview of their next posthumous release Siege of Madness by downloading the free comp RUE MORGUE RADIO’s Hymns From The House of Horror II by by clicking below. It’ features the ripping Re-Animator inspired track, A Questionable Obsession With The Recently Deceased.