LEGION DCLXVI The Final Days LP Available Now!

Another slab of molten Misanthropic Blackened Hardcore is served up by Toronto’s LEGION DCLXVI in their latest LP and it’s a rager!

Check out a review from the awesome EqualizingXDistort

Track listing:
Mass Hysteria
It Just Gets Worse
The Final Days
Inherent Flaws
Paranoid Landscapes
The End
Evil (a 4Skins cover!)

The limited edition version of the LP available at Hammer City Records and via mailorder only is pressed out of 100 on red wax. This comes with an cover, featuring more awesome art from Darrin Crosgrove hand silkscreened by Adam Invader.

Limited edition copies are $18 US/Canada and $25 by air overseas. The still ripping regular edition is $16 US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $16.75 (US/Can) or $24 US (overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com

The next Schizophrenic release lined up is Hamilton’s TV FREAKS slated for later this year.