TVFreaks Two

Hamilton, ON’s TV FREAKS return with their sophomore album titled Two. Like past records, it’s loaded with irritable treble-worship and signature frantic-yet-catchy compositions. While ripping through the same jangly and driving terrain, Two finds the band venturing into more refined and sonically complex territory. The songs are concise, demented, frenzied with repetition and just elaborate enough to stick. Ranging from in-the-red saturated guitar, to stomping low-end seizures, set against howling mantras filled with themes of melancholy neurosis. This offering is dominant collection of rabid and discerning punk songs, borrowing cues from the likes of THE STOOGES, THE GERMS, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, or a tougher EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING. Ignore at your own peril.

Track Listing Side A: Rewind  –  Knife  –  Overreacting  –  Battle  –  Pusher  –  Game

Track Listing Side B: Nothing  –  Phone  –  Salvation  –  Snake –  Friend  –  Mine  –  Think

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The die hard edition limited to 100 copies comes on clear vinyl with an alternate cover, hand silk screened in red and black (back) ink, available only via mailorder and at Hammer City Records. The regular release is $17 US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas & limited edition copies are $20 US/Canada and $25 by air overseas. Paypal orders can be sent to

TV FREAKS S. Ontario/Quebec dates:
10/04 London, ON – Blood Haus w/Eraserhead
10/05 Windsor, ON – Coach & Horses w/Cellos, Greys, Eraserhead
10/11 Ottawa, ON – Mugshots w/Thee Nodes, Blood Red
10/12 Montreal, QC – Brasserie Beaubie w/Sonic Avenues
11/01 Hamilton, ON – The Doors Pub w/Born Wrong, Kremlin, Burn Victim

Check out the band giving the VILETONES’ Screaming Fist the TV FREAKS treatment via NOW Magazine & chatting up Chart Attack. Here’s some great reviews from Weird Canada, The Canadian CanonNOW Magazine 



sssSSSsss…SNAKE CHARMER strangles you with nine bursts of reckless despondency. These blown out charging psalms characterize the current climate of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Written for beings of another world, SNAKE CHARMER’s freshman release remind the listener that you are fighting a losing battle of victim vs victimizer. Combining elements SEPTIC DEATH, LOU REED’s Metal Machine, and blast beats that sound like you are pulverizing your knuckles on a rusty stairwell as Hep C infests your soul. Enjoy/regret at maximum volume. sssSSSsss

Track Listing:
SIDE A 1. Self Immolate   2. Nothing West of Queen St.  3. Don’t Touch Me 4. Maggot Ball
5. Ball and Chain SIDE B 6. Severed Feet  7. Honest Broker  8. Split Link  9. SCDC

Listen here. Watch here:

Regular Edition (black wax, rad fold out cover w/obi): paypal $8.00 (US/Can)/$13.00 US (Overseas) to

Die Hard Edition (egg white wax, with bonus button & patch packaged in an envelope with Obama + Harper art, possibly a booklet): For mailorder copies paypal $13.00 (US/Can) & $17.00 US (Overseas) to