FUCK YOU PAY ME s/t LP Available April 2014!

Cleveland has been synonymous with wild, unapologetic punk-tinged hardcore since that city’s mid-90’s DIY rebirth that spawned legends like the H-100S, INMATES, DARVOCETS and 9 SHOCKS TERROR. One of the architects of that unhinged,no-bullshit scene, Tony Erba, returns yet again, this time fronting FUCK YOU PAY ME, a relentless shitstarter of a band that plays classic hardcore inspired by equal parts BGK, PAGANS, CAREER SUICIDE, Mystic Records bands, and DISCHARGE.
FYPM’s debut 12″ on Schizophrenic contains some of the catchiest and most well-written hardcore tuneage of the modern era, complete with Erba’s instantly recognizable vocals and a seriously surly attitude. One of the tightest, funnest live bands around translates to vinyl well enough to seriously fingerblast your tympanic membrane. Many have compared FYPM to GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS and that makes sense, considering the personnel here (ex-GSMF, UPSTAB etc.).

Track Listing:
Fuck You Pay Me
Smear Campaign
Driving Me To Drink
Black Saturday
Scab City
Factory Of Sadness
Gone Squatchin’
Buyer’s Remorse
Year Of The Sap
Zero Fucks Given
Adult Situations
I Dig Pain

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