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HCRredlogoHammer City Records is an independent PUNK/HC/METAL record store located on James St North in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The shop prides itself in being a mostly vinyl record shop carrying titles from small independent labels from around the block and across the world. From early punk to modern day thrash and grind, Hammer City Records carries a wide variety of aggressive music genres, and our SKA & REGGAE sections are growing rapidly. We also stock many consignment items that cover a wide range of genres, including new local releases bands have brought in and used records from personal collections. Vinyl fans be advised that Hammer City Records is one of many stores that carry the format on James Street North which has been unofficially christened Vinyl Alley.

We launched with limited stock on Friday, August 13, 2010 just in time for Art Crawl night and have since greatly expanded stock and great consignment items. At present we’re cash only but debit and credit (or some form of electro payment) are coming soon (we hope), there are two ATM’s nearby.

We’re located at 228 James North but the entrance is around the back of the building, off the alley that runs from Robert St (between the Born & Raised patio and Granny’s Place Caribbean), though it’s not always obvious that it’s an alley because people often park in it. We’re down in the basement space so hang a left as soon as you’re in the door. Lost? Want to know if we’re open or still have that release we featured online? Ring us at 905-546-PUNX

The shop is less than a 10 min walk from the GO Station, and even less so from the MacNab Bus Terminal – just head North (towards the lake, yup it’s weird if you’re coming from TO) along James Street.

If you’re driving there is some metered parking along Robert Street but parking’s free on Hughson ( first street off Robert) & where there’s also a City pay lot.

For a handy map to help you find us click here.

Wednesday to Thursday 12-6PM
Friday 12-8PM
Saturday & Sunday 12-5PM                                                                           disCLOSED Monday & Tuesday

PHONE: 905.546.PUNX

HAMMER CITY RECORDS: Down the alley…in the pit…where punk belongs!!!

Visit us on face***k.
Email: hammercityrecords@gmail.com
Snail Mail/Deliveries: 17 W 4th St Hamilton, ON L9C 3M2

Twitter: @hammercityrex
Instagram: hammercityrecords

On Art Crawl nights (2nd Friday of every month) the front unit is open and we are accessible via the BContemporary Gallery on the happening James Street North where every gallery and most businesses have art on display.

8 thoughts on “Hammer City Records

  1. Hey,

    Saw some rad art from Adam Invader at the Art Crawl a few weeks back and wanted to know if you have contact info for him? We are looking for a local artist to design some logos/ art for our band. Love Hammer City Records! Killer store indeed!

    Cheers and Beers,
    Our Sinking Cities

    • Hey Argyle! So glad you dig our digs. Check you inbox – we’ll intro to Adam you soon. When you have a demo or full release bring them by for sale on consignment. Thx! HCR

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  3. Hello from the Buffalo, NY area!
    Natasha of Montreal’s Blinko’s Army zine told me about your label!
    She said you may have some CD’s by a band called Unruled-If so, how much are these, In US$?
    Contact me ASAP

  4. I have some old lps and 45s from the 70s and early eighties, do you buy these? I can send a list or drop in. Rob.

  5. Hi Mike & Rob! No we don’t generally buy records or collections but do take select items on consignment generally of the punk, HC, metal, reggae genres. If you think you have something in line with that best to send a list along to us via email hammercityrecords @ gmail . com or drop it by the shop.

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