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We bring chaos and destruction. Fuck bandana thrash, power violence and all your other fancy titles.We like hardcore, we like it loud and dirty. A little blood and chaos never hurt!

If you run a label or distro and have released a well-made record or CD that is influenced by early US, Japanese or Finnish hardcore/punk crust contact us for trades. We like HC from around the world!

We deal direct to stores, distros, and folks looking to be cool at school. If you want to sell Schizophrenic records and CD’s contact us. We are distributed by many great people including: Stickfigure, Underground Medicine, Sound Idea, Hardcore Holocaust, CAH, Headline Records, Dave Hill, Boy, Answer, Allman/HG Fact, MCR, Base, Nat, and more.


Craig Caron / Schizophrenic Records
17 W 4th Street
Hamilton, ON Canada
L9C 3M2

Schizophrenic Records: the two headed brain disease of the DIY world hardcore scene. Bringing you the best in imported, hard to find fuck you punk and hardcore, re-issuing manic blasts from the past and newer releases that will keep you at war with the two headed monkey.

To be added to our occasional mailing list email us at:

For any media requests/artwork/review/interview requests get at:


If you are ordering from the United States or anywhere else in the world I accept INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS payable in U.S. Dollars.
If you are ordering from Canada, a Canadian Money Order is acceptable. Money orders should be made payable to CRAIG CARON. When buying these from the post office or the bank ensure that they are cashable in Canada.
*All moneys must be made payable to Craig Caron.

I accept PayPal payments (sorry no credit cards at this time) to For PayPal orders you must add 5% to your total cost. ($12 for an LP x 1.05 = $12.60 is the total you would Paypal me).

You can also send well hidden US cash (outside of Canada) at your own risk. Hide the money well and don’t send any coins as some post office workers won’t think twice about ripping you off. I have been receiving money in the mail for over 20 years of punk rock shenanigans and it has never been an issue to date. If you do send money is is safer to send it in a zine or cassette or CDR mailer. Still, the name Schizophrenic Records is just a clue that your letter or package has something cool innit that the mail clerk should play with so maybe just address packages to Craig Caron?