SNAKE CHARMER Drugs And The State EP Out Saturday, January 30

Drugs And The State 7” EP
Schizophrenic Records #86
Powerviolent HC outfit SNAKE CHARMER awaken from hibernation in the coldest, darkest month in Hamilton’s post industrial wastelandscape to assault your eardrums with blasts of noise, energy, and speed. Fittingly enough SNAKE CHARMER’s Drugs And The State EP is 86 in the Schizophrenic Records catalogue and it’s a killer. This comes packaged in deadly cover art by Becky Katz. Crank the volume & click HERE for a preview that might just eighty six your speakers. You can grab copies this weekend at Hamilton’s 2016 MAKES ME SICK FEST on Saturday, January 30 at Doors Taco Joint & Metal Bar.























Powder Burns
I’m Not Responsible, You’re Not Responsible
:: fuck you gesture with middle finger::
Boots & Hearts
Shao Xing
Peat Moss
High Times On the Khyber Pass

“In 1913, Luigi Russolo wrote The Art of Noises, describing how the human ear has become accustomed to the speed, energy, and noise of the urban industrial soundscape. What could better describe a band that has been charging the hardcore scene in Canada’s steel capital headfirst into an abysmal whirlpool of noisecore fuckification and tinnitus? This isn’t about steel though, this is about hardcore, and there is no existing vocabulary to describe cores harder than this one. Remember around 2009-2010 when “not-powerviolence” was almost sort of a loose genre referring to bands that were too “hard” for “hardcore”? On Drugs and the State, SNAKE CHARMER has almost taken that level of extremity to the borders of “not-death metal”. Have you ever listened to The Gerogerigegege? Have you ever wanted to watch a condo get demolished with a wrecking ball? Stop reading this. Turn the noise back on.” – Alican Koc
“Is that actually music!?” – My Mom hearing this EP via phone speakers
“Thanks guys this autoplayed and blew out the speakers on my phone.” – Random internet comment on an early SNAKE CHARMER YouTube video from a fan

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