Chris Houston 'Brain' 7"














CHRIS HOUSTON w/Evelyn Dicks & Desadist Au GoGo

Two tracks from CHRIS HOUSTON spanning 20 years of Hamilton punk history!
Evil twangster Chris Houston teams up with THE EVELYN DICKS and friends for an epic song about one of the brainiest residents of Hamilton on the first side of this 7″. On the second track he reunites with FORGOTTEN REBELS alum Mickey DeSadist for a traditional punk song Shit For Brains.

Guests musicians on this release include Lori Yates (THE EVELYN DICKS), Buckshot Beebee (POISON AEROS, THE EVELYN DICKS) Cleave Anderson (THE BATTERED WIVES, TYRANNA, BLUE RODEO), Mark French (BLUE RODEO), and Michael Fonfara (RHINOCEROS, LOU REED).

Check out this great feature from Graham Rockingham in the Hamilton Spectator!

CHRIS HOUSTON/THE EVELYN DICKS will be launching this 7″ with a set at  THIS AIN’T HOLLYWOOD Monday, March 25 9PM opening for GLEN MATLOCK with SCOTT KAMPNER. More details here.

Track listing:

Side A CHRIS HOUSTON and THE EVELYN DICKS: Einstein’s Brain (recorded 2006)

Side B CHRIS HOUSTON and DESADIST AU GO GO: Shit For Brains (recorded 1986)

Schizophrenic Records #71

Very limited white wax copies available for mailorder while they last and also at Hammer City Records.

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Coming soon: BORN WRONG 7″!

New 7″ From Schizophrenic Records: MAGIC CHRISTIAN w/GORD LEWIS

Schizophrenic Records is going back to its roots and is pleased to present MAGIC CHRISTIAN featuring Gord Lewis. The lineage on this 7″ is pure history, in that MAGIC CHRISTIAN are a San Francisco super group featuring FLAMIN’ GROOVIES Cyril Gordon, BLONDIE’S Clem Burke, and PLIMSOULS’ Eddie Munnoz and vocalist Paul Kopft. During a fun filled recording session at Hamilton in January 2009, MAGIC CHRISTIAN team up with TEENAGE HEAD’s Gord Lewis and Hamilton scene alumni Dave Rave and Michael Fonfara to record FLAMIN’ GROOVIES’ Teenage Head and TEENAGE HEAD’s Let’s Shake. Cyril and Gord’s distinct guitar sounds respectively shaped generations of music and encouraged thousands of kids to pick up a guitar and rock out! This historic trip down memory lane was produced by Chris Houston.

Check out this great mini doc about the recording session:

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