Announcing: SIMPLY SAUCER Baby Nova EP Out June 24, 2014

The pride of Hamilton’s first wave of punk SIMPLY SAUCER mark a return to turntables with the release of their Baby Nova 12” EP on June 24 courtesy of Schizophrenic Records. Exclaim unleashed these details yesterday day via

This EP will premiere the first ever studio versions of five classic SIMPLY SAUCER songs recorded in Detroit MI at Jim Diamond’s Ghetto Recorders studio in August of 2011, and produced by Jeff Meier (Detroit Cobras and Rocket 455). The use of vintage analogue recording equipment in this session allowed the band to return to the immediacy of their own raw edgy roots in a city that had influenced the formation and early direction of the band.

“With the addition of composer/arranger/session musician and bona fide Detroit legend McKinley Jackson on keyboards on a couple of tracks SIMPLY SAUCER went further and deeper into the ‘Detroit Sound’ to the soul/funk roots that had so influenced bands like Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, the MC5 and the Stooges,” says song writer and front man Edgar Breau of this release.

Pressing info: 800 copies including 700 multi color mix colours vinyl + 100 black vinyl w/ additional black and white fold over sleeve. All copies include 4 page booklet with lyrics, images etc.

The release of Baby Nova will be marked with several events including an instore launch at Hammer City Records in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (228 James Street N at rear off Robert Street alley) Friday, June 27 7PM (RSVP here), & full sets at The Casbah (306 King St W at Queen St) on Saturday, July 5 8PM (RSVP here), and in Toronto at the legendary Silver Dollar Friday, July 18 (RSVP here).
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Single copies are $15.00 + shipping and available via Discogs & Big Cartel.
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LEGION 666 Black Goat Armageddon LP

This scorcher dishes out true Canadian misanthropic blackened hardcore! For those that didn’t make it to the wicked release party buy the GODDAMN LEGION 666 LP before the black goat head butts you in the ass!!! Mailorder editions include red/black split vinyl and an 11×17 gloss record release poster.

Exclaim! Magazine Review By Keith Carman:
Just when it seemed as if Doom-styled hardcore couldn’t progress any further, Toronto, ON’s Legion DCLXVI (that’s 666 for you non-Roman numeral types) prove that there is still much life left in the old bitch. A gruesome beast of an album, Black Goat Armageddon succinctly blends the bellowing delivery of Discharge with the dark atmosphere of early black metal (circa Celtic Frost), some of Hookers’ late career punk rock’n’roll riffs and the inevitable Slayer-esque thrash beats. However, thanks to creativity in uniting these various attacks, one must listen quite closely to discern each individual influence. The majority of Black Goat Armageddon is vicious, direct and brutal, the equivalent of your ears being mugged in a dark alley, yet for some reason, you welcome it. Recorded in a raw, overdriven manner that accentuates the anger and malevolence contained within the music and musicians, Black Goat Armageddon stabs new life into a previously lacking genre. (Schizophrenic)

Records are $16 US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas. For paypal please send $16.75 (US/Can) or $24 US (overseas) to