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SNAKE CHARMER 7″ – Available early September

sssSSSsss…SNAKE CHARMER strangles you with nine bursts of reckless despondency. These blown out charging psalms characterize the current climate of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Written for beings of another world, SNAKE CHARMER’s freshman release remind the listener that you are fighting a losing battle of victim vs victimizer. Combining elements SEPTIC DEATH, LOU REED’s Metal Machine, and blast beats that sound like you are pulverizing your knuckles on a rusty stairwell as Hep C infests your soul. Enjoy/regret at maximum volume. sssSSSsss

TV FREAKS Two LP Second full-length outing from these awesome freaks will be coming late September. For a preview check out this live recording from Blanket Fort:

Check out the slick artwork and a couple more tracks by clicking here.

Eight local HC outfits unleash eight short blasts about Steeltown’s seedier side with tracks about Evelyn Dick, Loujack Cafe, mobsters, & more local mayhem. Features AT WHAT COST, BORN WRONG, DEBT’D, DISMANTLE, LAID TO REST, LEFT FOR DEAD, PICK YOUR SIDE, and SOCIAL DIVORCE. Coming this fall!

BORN WRONG 7″ These local HC nutters want to assault you with another chunk of wax and we’re happy to help. Out this fall!




‘Best of Turbo II’
Some bands implode, but in the aftermath of Turbo 1, this band crushed themselves. Eventually they came back to life in Hamilton, and this hot little number is the result. Mixing part BLACK FLAG, BIG BLACK, MISSION OF BURMA, and CHROME can be a sometimes volatile mix…this is no different. Come on in, the water is scorching hot. You’ve been warned.
Listen here
Track Listing:
Monster Helicopter * Song 4 * I’m happy to see you (and I’ve missed you for so long * PISS FLAG * dead man’s clothes * mercy * Steven Aaron Winger

The TV FREAKS listen to a lot of Australian punk, and that ranges from new upstarts – EDDY CURRENT SUPRESSION RING to the classic, killed by death, bank account drainer they take their namesake from. And just like VICTIMS, Hamilton’s TV FREAKS are busting at the seams with energy and spit. TV FREAKS do a great job of taking some classic and modern influences to come up with their own unique and fresh sound. This is pure punk rock that looks better in blood on a guitar than spray painted on a leather jacket and I’m sure if the gods of good taste get off their asses you’ll see both.

Listen here
Track Listing:
Mall Punk * Freelancer * Identity Crisis * Upper Hand

Here’s a great write up for the release show from VIEW

Mailorder copies are limited to 100 each on coloured vinyl (blue or white) with extra printed sleeve courtesy of Dave O’Connor from TV FREAKS.

For mailorder copies please paypal $8.00 (US/Can) or $13.00 US (Overseas) to
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