FLESH RAG “Stay Away” EP Available Now!

FLESH RAG is a garage punk rock ‘n’ roll suicide psych band and their latest release ‘Stay Away’ launched Friday, June 10, 2016. The gritty live video for the title track premiered July 13 and you can check it on out over at AUX.
The three songs on this 7″ EP are about bad times, bad feelings, problems and head on collisions with everything terrible!
Hailing from the Hammer, this killer threesome is made up of Matt Ellis (ex-ROCKET REDUCERS, MYSTICS) guitar and vocals + Eric Felgner (ex-THE VAPIDS, THE ORPHANS) bass + Nathan Burger (TV FREAKS, ex-ROCKET REDUCERS) drums.
‘Stay Away’ was recorded and mixed by the band in two days over the winter of 2015, & mastered by Kenny Meehan packaged in album art by T.J. Charlton (TV FREAKS)
The limited edition of this 7″ EP comes on sweet red vinyl, wrapped up in alternate colour cover packaging.
Track Listing –
Side A: Stay Away
Side B: Tonight, Watch it Burn
Give these tracks an e-spin at the FLESH RAG bandcamp page.
Read up on this 7″ over at Some Weird Sin Records.


Announcing: SIMPLY SAUCER Baby Nova EP Out June 24, 2014

The pride of Hamilton’s first wave of punk SIMPLY SAUCER mark a return to turntables with the release of their Baby Nova 12” EP on June 24 courtesy of Schizophrenic Records. Exclaim unleashed these details yesterday day via Exclaim.ca

This EP will premiere the first ever studio versions of five classic SIMPLY SAUCER songs recorded in Detroit MI at Jim Diamond’s Ghetto Recorders studio in August of 2011, and produced by Jeff Meier (Detroit Cobras and Rocket 455). The use of vintage analogue recording equipment in this session allowed the band to return to the immediacy of their own raw edgy roots in a city that had influenced the formation and early direction of the band.

“With the addition of composer/arranger/session musician and bona fide Detroit legend McKinley Jackson on keyboards on a couple of tracks SIMPLY SAUCER went further and deeper into the ‘Detroit Sound’ to the soul/funk roots that had so influenced bands like Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, the MC5 and the Stooges,” says song writer and front man Edgar Breau of this release.

Pressing info: 800 copies including 700 multi color mix colours vinyl + 100 black vinyl w/ additional black and white fold over sleeve. All copies include 4 page booklet with lyrics, images etc.

The release of Baby Nova will be marked with several events including an instore launch at Hammer City Records in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (228 James Street N at rear off Robert Street alley) Friday, June 27 7PM (RSVP here), & full sets at The Casbah (306 King St W at Queen St) on Saturday, July 5 8PM (RSVP here), and in Toronto at the legendary Silver Dollar Friday, July 18 (RSVP here).
SimplySaucer InStore Web
Single copies are $15.00 + shipping and available via Discogs & Big Cartel.
Contact us for mailorder information via jimjones@schizophrenicrex.com
For press inquiries please contact pr@schizophrenicrex.com

FUCK YOU PAY ME s/t LP Available April 2014!

Cleveland has been synonymous with wild, unapologetic punk-tinged hardcore since that city’s mid-90’s DIY rebirth that spawned legends like the H-100S, INMATES, DARVOCETS and 9 SHOCKS TERROR. One of the architects of that unhinged,no-bullshit scene, Tony Erba, returns yet again, this time fronting FUCK YOU PAY ME, a relentless shitstarter of a band that plays classic hardcore inspired by equal parts BGK, PAGANS, CAREER SUICIDE, Mystic Records bands, and DISCHARGE.
FYPM’s debut 12″ on Schizophrenic contains some of the catchiest and most well-written hardcore tuneage of the modern era, complete with Erba’s instantly recognizable vocals and a seriously surly attitude. One of the tightest, funnest live bands around translates to vinyl well enough to seriously fingerblast your tympanic membrane. Many have compared FYPM to GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS and that makes sense, considering the personnel here (ex-GSMF, UPSTAB etc.).

Track Listing:
Fuck You Pay Me
Smear Campaign
Driving Me To Drink
Black Saturday
Scab City
Factory Of Sadness
Gone Squatchin’
Buyer’s Remorse
Year Of The Sap
Zero Fucks Given
Adult Situations
I Dig Pain

To order your copy click through to our Big Cartel site HERE or email jimjones@schizophrenicrex.com to set up with your distro or to order multiple copies.

BORN WRONG Test Press Raffle

BW TestPress










We’re holding another test press raffle in the hopes you win a one of a kind deluxe set featuring both recent releases from BORN WRONG, packaged by the band & the Schiz Crew.

This will include a copy of the Holding Cell 7″ & Thin Skin flexi test presses (each out of 10), a BORN WRONG/CRUELSTER split tape misprint, back patch, t-shirt, Fall 2013 US Tour Diary & disposable film roll, 2 bonus covers and some other surprises.

Raffle tickets are 1 ticket for $2, 3 for $5 & an arms length for $10 (5+)

These will be available in store at Hammer City Records & events like SLAMFEST or online via PayPal (contest@schizophrenicrex.com add 5% in USD + postage if you win we will send a photo of your raffle ticket)

UDPATED: Draw date extended to Nov 2 5PM when BORN WRONG will draw the ticket – we’ll post ticket info/video of the draw for anyone not in Hamilton.

Why are we doing this? Those Schiz die hardship/inner circle types know we’ve  gone all out for any test presses we’ve been able to share. We thought this was the best way to share an exclusive item with the wider cell of Schiz supporters.


TVFreaks Two

Hamilton, ON’s TV FREAKS return with their sophomore album titled Two. Like past records, it’s loaded with irritable treble-worship and signature frantic-yet-catchy compositions. While ripping through the same jangly and driving terrain, Two finds the band venturing into more refined and sonically complex territory. The songs are concise, demented, frenzied with repetition and just elaborate enough to stick. Ranging from in-the-red saturated guitar, to stomping low-end seizures, set against howling mantras filled with themes of melancholy neurosis. This offering is dominant collection of rabid and discerning punk songs, borrowing cues from the likes of THE STOOGES, THE GERMS, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, or a tougher EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING. Ignore at your own peril.

Track Listing Side A: Rewind  –  Knife  –  Overreacting  –  Battle  –  Pusher  –  Game

Track Listing Side B: Nothing  –  Phone  –  Salvation  –  Snake –  Friend  –  Mine  –  Think

Stream the album here at Exclaim


The die hard edition limited to 100 copies comes on clear vinyl with an alternate cover, hand silk screened in red and black (back) ink, available only via mailorder and at Hammer City Records. The regular release is $17 US/Canada and $23 US PPD by air overseas & limited edition copies are $20 US/Canada and $25 by air overseas. Paypal orders can be sent to burningspirits@gmail.com

TV FREAKS S. Ontario/Quebec dates:
10/04 London, ON – Blood Haus w/Eraserhead
10/05 Windsor, ON – Coach & Horses w/Cellos, Greys, Eraserhead
10/11 Ottawa, ON – Mugshots w/Thee Nodes, Blood Red
10/12 Montreal, QC – Brasserie Beaubie w/Sonic Avenues
11/01 Hamilton, ON – The Doors Pub w/Born Wrong, Kremlin, Burn Victim

Check out the band giving the VILETONES’ Screaming Fist the TV FREAKS treatment via NOW Magazine & chatting up Chart Attack. Here’s some great reviews from Weird Canada, The Canadian CanonNOW Magazine 



sssSSSsss…SNAKE CHARMER strangles you with nine bursts of reckless despondency. These blown out charging psalms characterize the current climate of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Written for beings of another world, SNAKE CHARMER’s freshman release remind the listener that you are fighting a losing battle of victim vs victimizer. Combining elements SEPTIC DEATH, LOU REED’s Metal Machine, and blast beats that sound like you are pulverizing your knuckles on a rusty stairwell as Hep C infests your soul. Enjoy/regret at maximum volume. sssSSSsss

Track Listing:
SIDE A 1. Self Immolate   2. Nothing West of Queen St.  3. Don’t Touch Me 4. Maggot Ball
5. Ball and Chain SIDE B 6. Severed Feet  7. Honest Broker  8. Split Link  9. SCDC

Listen here. Watch here:

Regular Edition (black wax, rad fold out cover w/obi): paypal $8.00 (US/Can)/$13.00 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com.

Die Hard Edition (egg white wax, with bonus button & patch packaged in an envelope with Obama + Harper art, possibly a booklet): For mailorder copies paypal $13.00 (US/Can) & $17.00 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com.


HASSLER s/t EP Available & Awesome!

Ripping fast, meat and potatoes hardcore debut EP from this new Toronto outfit featuring members of Reprobates, Toxic Holocaust, Brutal Knights, Career Suicide and Bad Skin. Thrashing HC punk madness! Recorded by Jon Drew. Catch the band live at Varning Festival in Montreal later this fall and other dates in TO.

Listen to HASSLER here.

Track Listing: Asphyxiate, Nothing for Nothing, Beatdown, Pigpen,
Enlightened, Innocent

Mailorder copies are limited to 100, and feature white wax with an extra printed sleeve.

For mailorder copies please paypal $8.00 (US/Can) or $13.00 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com.
For further info please contact us at jimjones@schizophrenicrex.com


‘Best of Turbo II’
Some bands implode, but in the aftermath of Turbo 1, this band crushed themselves. Eventually they came back to life in Hamilton, and this hot little number is the result. Mixing part BLACK FLAG, BIG BLACK, MISSION OF BURMA, and CHROME can be a sometimes volatile mix…this is no different. Come on in, the water is scorching hot. You’ve been warned.
Listen here
Track Listing:
Monster Helicopter * Song 4 * I’m happy to see you (and I’ve missed you for so long * PISS FLAG * dead man’s clothes * mercy * Steven Aaron Winger

The TV FREAKS listen to a lot of Australian punk, and that ranges from new upstarts – EDDY CURRENT SUPRESSION RING to the classic, killed by death, bank account drainer they take their namesake from. And just like VICTIMS, Hamilton’s TV FREAKS are busting at the seams with energy and spit. TV FREAKS do a great job of taking some classic and modern influences to come up with their own unique and fresh sound. This is pure punk rock that looks better in blood on a guitar than spray painted on a leather jacket and I’m sure if the gods of good taste get off their asses you’ll see both.

Listen here
Track Listing:
Mall Punk * Freelancer * Identity Crisis * Upper Hand

Here’s a great write up for the release show from VIEW

Mailorder copies are limited to 100 each on coloured vinyl (blue or white) with extra printed sleeve courtesy of Dave O’Connor from TV FREAKS.

For mailorder copies please paypal $8.00 (US/Can) or $13.00 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com.
For further info please contact us at jimjones@schizophrenicrex.com