FLESH RAG “Stay Away” EP Available Now!

FLESH RAG is a garage punk rock ‘n’ roll suicide psych band and their latest release ‘Stay Away’ launched Friday, June 10, 2016. The gritty live video for the title track premiered July 13 and you can check it on out over at AUX.
The three songs on this 7″ EP are about bad times, bad feelings, problems and head on collisions with everything terrible!
Hailing from the Hammer, this killer threesome is made up of Matt Ellis (ex-ROCKET REDUCERS, MYSTICS) guitar and vocals + Eric Felgner (ex-THE VAPIDS, THE ORPHANS) bass + Nathan Burger (TV FREAKS, ex-ROCKET REDUCERS) drums.
‘Stay Away’ was recorded and mixed by the band in two days over the winter of 2015, & mastered by Kenny Meehan packaged in album art by T.J. Charlton (TV FREAKS)
The limited edition of this 7″ EP comes on sweet red vinyl, wrapped up in alternate colour cover packaging.
Track Listing –
Side A: Stay Away
Side B: Tonight, Watch it Burn
Give these tracks an e-spin at the FLESH RAG bandcamp page.
Read up on this 7″ over at Some Weird Sin Records.