Hamilton HC SICK OF SHIT Fuck You Volume One 7″ AVAILABLE NOW

SICK OF SHIT: Fuck You Volume One 7”

SICK OF SHIT is a crusty hardcore band from Hamilton’s active punk scene, that draws influences from global punk and hardcore creating a furious concoction of hooks amidst ear crushing noise. Put it all together and the result is an uncompromising and frothy mix of high speed tempos, biting guitar tones, pounding bass, pummelling drums and throat shredding vocals. The group consists of Adam Wood on vocals, Andrew Jonson on drums, Grant Coates and Nate Overholster on guitars and newest addition Keith Sherwin on bass. SICK OF SHIT features alumni from Hamilton punk and hardcore bands such as Gunner Hansen, At What Cost, System System, Come Out Swinging, Dismantle and more. Artwork by Darrin Crosgrove is risograph printed on Mohawk Via Vellum paper by Tower In Print. Limited edition version pressedon white wax with bonus art booklet still available.

Track Listing
Side A: State Of Grace, Life In Debt
Side B: Success, Parasites

Giv’er a listen by clicking’ HERE

Released by Schizophrenic Records January, 2017 at Doors Pub in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (poster by Lindsay Campbell).

SNAKE CHARMER Drugs And The State EP Out Saturday, January 30

Drugs And The State 7” EP
Schizophrenic Records #86
Powerviolent HC outfit SNAKE CHARMER awaken from hibernation in the coldest, darkest month in Hamilton’s post industrial wastelandscape to assault your eardrums with blasts of noise, energy, and speed. Fittingly enough SNAKE CHARMER’s Drugs And The State EP is 86 in the Schizophrenic Records catalogue and it’s a killer. This comes packaged in deadly cover art by Becky Katz. Crank the volume & click HERE for a preview that might just eighty six your speakers. You can grab copies this weekend at Hamilton’s 2016 MAKES ME SICK FEST on Saturday, January 30 at Doors Taco Joint & Metal Bar.























Powder Burns
I’m Not Responsible, You’re Not Responsible
:: fuck you gesture with middle finger::
Boots & Hearts
Shao Xing
Peat Moss
High Times On the Khyber Pass

“In 1913, Luigi Russolo wrote The Art of Noises, describing how the human ear has become accustomed to the speed, energy, and noise of the urban industrial soundscape. What could better describe a band that has been charging the hardcore scene in Canada’s steel capital headfirst into an abysmal whirlpool of noisecore fuckification and tinnitus? This isn’t about steel though, this is about hardcore, and there is no existing vocabulary to describe cores harder than this one. Remember around 2009-2010 when “not-powerviolence” was almost sort of a loose genre referring to bands that were too “hard” for “hardcore”? On Drugs and the State, SNAKE CHARMER has almost taken that level of extremity to the borders of “not-death metal”. Have you ever listened to The Gerogerigegege? Have you ever wanted to watch a condo get demolished with a wrecking ball? Stop reading this. Turn the noise back on.” – Alican Koc
“Is that actually music!?” – My Mom hearing this EP via phone speakers
“Thanks guys this autoplayed and blew out the speakers on my phone.” – Random internet comment on an early SNAKE CHARMER YouTube video from a fan

BORN WRONG Test Press Raffle

BW TestPress










We’re holding another test press raffle in the hopes you win a one of a kind deluxe set featuring both recent releases from BORN WRONG, packaged by the band & the Schiz Crew.

This will include a copy of the Holding Cell 7″ & Thin Skin flexi test presses (each out of 10), a BORN WRONG/CRUELSTER split tape misprint, back patch, t-shirt, Fall 2013 US Tour Diary & disposable film roll, 2 bonus covers and some other surprises.

Raffle tickets are 1 ticket for $2, 3 for $5 & an arms length for $10 (5+)

These will be available in store at Hammer City Records & events like SLAMFEST or online via PayPal (contest@schizophrenicrex.com add 5% in USD + postage if you win we will send a photo of your raffle ticket)

UDPATED: Draw date extended to Nov 2 5PM when BORN WRONG will draw the ticket – we’ll post ticket info/video of the draw for anyone not in Hamilton.

Why are we doing this? Those Schiz die hardship/inner circle types know we’ve  gone all out for any test presses we’ve been able to share. We thought this was the best way to share an exclusive item with the wider cell of Schiz supporters.

Next Schizophrenic Shit: SNAKE CHARMER 7″ – TV FREAKS Two LP – DEFEND HAMILTON Comp 7″ – BORN WRONG 7″

SNAKE CHARMER 7″ – Available early September

sssSSSsss…SNAKE CHARMER strangles you with nine bursts of reckless despondency. These blown out charging psalms characterize the current climate of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Written for beings of another world, SNAKE CHARMER’s freshman release remind the listener that you are fighting a losing battle of victim vs victimizer. Combining elements SEPTIC DEATH, LOU REED’s Metal Machine, and blast beats that sound like you are pulverizing your knuckles on a rusty stairwell as Hep C infests your soul. Enjoy/regret at maximum volume. sssSSSsss


TV FREAKS Two LP Second full-length outing from these awesome freaks will be coming late September. For a preview check out this live recording from Blanket Fort:

Check out the slick artwork and a couple more tracks by clicking here.

Eight local HC outfits unleash eight short blasts about Steeltown’s seedier side with tracks about Evelyn Dick, Loujack Cafe, mobsters, & more local mayhem. Features AT WHAT COST, BORN WRONG, DEBT’D, DISMANTLE, LAID TO REST, LEFT FOR DEAD, PICK YOUR SIDE, and SOCIAL DIVORCE. Coming this fall!

BORN WRONG 7″ These local HC nutters want to assault you with another chunk of wax and we’re happy to help. Out this fall!

Watch/listen: http://www.southernsouls.ca/born-wrong/

Read/weep: http://www.idioteq.com/born-wrong-exclusive-interview/


‘Best of Turbo II’
Some bands implode, but in the aftermath of Turbo 1, this band crushed themselves. Eventually they came back to life in Hamilton, and this hot little number is the result. Mixing part BLACK FLAG, BIG BLACK, MISSION OF BURMA, and CHROME can be a sometimes volatile mix…this is no different. Come on in, the water is scorching hot. You’ve been warned.
Listen here
Track Listing:
Monster Helicopter * Song 4 * I’m happy to see you (and I’ve missed you for so long * PISS FLAG * dead man’s clothes * mercy * Steven Aaron Winger

The TV FREAKS listen to a lot of Australian punk, and that ranges from new upstarts – EDDY CURRENT SUPRESSION RING to the classic, killed by death, bank account drainer they take their namesake from. And just like VICTIMS, Hamilton’s TV FREAKS are busting at the seams with energy and spit. TV FREAKS do a great job of taking some classic and modern influences to come up with their own unique and fresh sound. This is pure punk rock that looks better in blood on a guitar than spray painted on a leather jacket and I’m sure if the gods of good taste get off their asses you’ll see both.

Listen here
Track Listing:
Mall Punk * Freelancer * Identity Crisis * Upper Hand

Here’s a great write up for the release show from VIEW

Mailorder copies are limited to 100 each on coloured vinyl (blue or white) with extra printed sleeve courtesy of Dave O’Connor from TV FREAKS.

For mailorder copies please paypal $8.00 (US/Can) or $13.00 US (Overseas) to burningspirits@gmail.com.
For further info please contact us at jimjones@schizophrenicrex.com