THE UNRULED Time Is Running Out Reissue EP w Bonus Track!

Schizophrenic Records is pleased to celebrate 30 years of the UNRULED by re-releasing the band’s debut 7′ from 1984. Time Is Running Out 7″ captures the band and their blend of Canadian and Bristish Punk sounds at their prime. Well before DIS became a prefix these Canadian punks were thrashing, bashing and fighting against the System. Includes Clear the Pigs out which was recorded during the same 7″ session and has been unreleased for 30 years. Catch the newly reformed UNRULED as they invade a town near you. Buy this 7″ and don’t give up the fight – the UNRULED haven’t!!

$7 in Canada and the US (in the respective funds) and $10 USD for international orders. Paypal orders please send $7.00 (US/Can) or $10.50 US (Overseas) to

Limited Edition mail order copies are on colour vinyl and include an additional sleeve silkscreened by Adam Invader. His decision to add a second colour was genius and as you can see these look fantastic.

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